Since making their debut with the brilliant “International Smark” back in 2013, Payfone have delivered a swathe of superb singles which cannily combine elements of boogie, disco, NYC proto-house, acid house and Balearica in uniquely alluring ways. Phil Passera and Jimmy Day have a reputation for using no samples in their creations, instead favouring live instrumentation, classic electronic hardware and ear-catching vocals.

Since we last heard from Payfone, Passera has moved his studio from his East London warehouse to a wooden shack in Sant Celoni, a sleepy Catalonian town near Barcelona nestled in the foothills of the Montseny and Montnegre mountain ranges and Day is in Brighton on the south coast of England. The inspiration of Passera’s new Spanish surroundings is clear on his debut Leng release ‘Last Night In Sant Celoni’, a warm, groovy and undeniably picturesque composition.

In 2020 Payfone opted for a more sensual and seductive sound on their triumphant follow-up, ‘Sofian’, a deep, chugging and intoxicating affair topped off by a sleazy and breathy, half-sung and half-spoken vocal from Barbara Alcindor, previously of hugely successful European chart-toppers French Affair.

Look out for more new productions from Payfone coming soon…