Bonnie & Klein – Singularity / Ergosphere


Available to pre-order on 12″ vinyl from here

Greek duo Bonnie & Klein aka George & Thanasis have been slowly making a name for themselves through a string of well crafted releases on labels Music For Dreams, Timewarp and Uber. This laid back style hasn’t gone unnoticed by Ibizan legend Jose Padilla who put their recent track ‘Carina’ on his latest compilation.

B&K are not only producers of the chillout sound as their debut for Leng testifies. ‘Singularity’ hits hard from the off with driving beats and bass under haunting keys and building percussion. A late night dancefloor classic in the making.

‘Ergosphere’ sees them flip back to their laid back roots with a more classic chillout sound…

Ships from 12th January.

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Bonnie & Klein – Singularity / Ergosphere