Mountaineer Remixes

New act Mountaineer bring their debut 12″ for Leng Records with tracks remixed from their debut album “The Real McQueen”. The remix treatment comes from two great teams. First up are the Idjut Boys who give us yet another genre defying direction with a sumptuously dubby take on ‘Golden Chalk’. This remix keeps on building from a delicate strummed intro, with delayed vocals, the track slowly draws you into a deep sea of sub bass and guttural wobbles. The Idjuts deft hands once again delivering a lesson in subtlety and arguably one their finest works to date.

Tuff City Kids rework ‘Always Coming Home’ in a wholly different way, fat 80’s dub bass, hefty hand-claps and Linn drum fills underpin some soaring atmospheric synth work. With the vocals dropped, this is the side for the deep-end of the club, as TCK’s Gerd Jansen well knows.

The 12″ is available from the Shop now.

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